What People Are Saying...

"Skalp is easy to use out of the box, as well as giving it the power and flexibility to do more advanced tricks as people get used to it."

Matt Donley, masterSketchUp.com

"Best SketchUp plugin out there - well worth the money!"

Marc Kleinmann, CEO Bauhaus Custom Homes

"I have ben using Skalp from the moment it was released and it has changed my workflow dramatically."

Jason Wolfe-Daimpré, Interior Architect

"Skalp is a hugely useful plugin and is worth every cent you pay for it."

Edson Mahfuz, architect

"Skalp for SketchUp is the most awesome section tool I've seen."

Rich O'Brien, SketchUcation

"They have looked at just about every aspect of sectioning and exploited every opportunity available in Ruby."

John Clements, Illustrator